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Christina is an in-demand, well-versed speaker in various topics, including overcoming the impostor syndrome and the murky middle, workplace identity and motivation, executive presence, building a professional/personal brand, communicating your value in business and career, pivoting/changing careers, and executive women’s leadership.

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Have you ever doubted your expertise, self-worth, and ability in your life, career, or business? You may feel like a “fraud”, but it’s actually called “impostor syndrome”, and over 70% of professionals have experienced this phenomenon. You may have successfully taken steps to overcome feelings of the impostor syndrome, but you still feel like you’re in the wrong place; you know you are capable, but you still feel unfulfilled. You could be experiencing “impostor syndrome 2.0”, also known as, the “murky middle”.

In this relatable talk, Christina Joy Whittaker, CEO and Leadership Strategist, dives deep into how to use the power of hope to navigate feelings of the impostor syndrome as well as the “murky middle”.

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