KNOWN is a boutique coaching and leadership development firm providing advisory services for leading companies in private equity, tech, and real estate looking to attract and retain your top diverse talent.

Our mission is simple: to develop tailored solutions for executive development, employee engagement, and strategic personal development that help you and your teams thrive both in and out of the workplace.

We partner with organizations to rediscover and develop hidden talent among diverse professionals within their organizations.

Our Belief

We firmly believe that the most powerful organizations are intentional in their development of diverse talent. We partner with you to cultivate a space and platform, leveraging clear, aligned, and impactful messaging that highlights your core values attracts, and retain and engage top talent.

We understand the importance of building an authentic Connection with your brand.

Each time we deliver multi-faceted results, regardless of industry, because of our keen ability to quickly identify points of discrepancy between your brand promise and brand experience, and create solutions that better position your organization to close the gap, build credibility and increase revenue. 

Featured clients:

Ready to Get started?

We are committed to helping organizations build and empower women and professionals of color to advance in the workplace. To get started please schedule a consultation call to speak one on one with Christina.