Executive Women's


FEBRUARY 23-25, 2024


Join the premier community for high-achieving black women & women of color professionals.

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The Executive Women’s Retreat is the premier experience for women leaders ready to launch and grow sustainable brands as in-demand thought leaders. 


Using the pillars of PURPOSE, LEADERSHIP, WEALTH, and FAITH, this three-day, luxury-filled experience streamlines the personal brand-building process; bringing together fellow ambitious women leaders, industry experts, and creative teams to cultivate and launch strategies required to excel in leadership positions and beyond as thought leaders and industry disruptors.

dear visionary,

Now, it's time to be known.

Let me guess...

You are called...

You know that on most occasions, you are the most qualified person in the room. You set and exceed your goals. You have the degrees, the experiences and the receipts to prove it. People seek you for counsel because you KNOW your stuff! Your story and experience is powerful, but you aren't able to share it at a level that impacts change in the way you envision.

You don't fit in...

You have great ideas for both your career and for potential business ventures, but you don't have a clear plan on how to implement. That means you are like most high-caliber visionaries. You need helping on figuring out "what to do" and "how to start."

You have a Story and A desire for high impact...

I firmly believe that the world needs what only you can provide. In your heart you know that you are a valuable asset but you are undervalued for the amount of work that you do. Your opportunity may be locked in those frustrating thoughts that tell you "you waited too long to start," "you're not good enough," or that "you've failed so much before". Let me be the first to say, it's never too late to pursue what you were created to accomplish.

How do I know?

Let me be the first to say, it’s never too late to pursue what you were created to accomplish. I firmly believe that the world needs what only you can provide but you don’t have to figure this out alone.

After transitioning from my six-figure job, never would I have imagined building a multiple six-figure business simply by using the power of my voice and I’m ready to help you do the same.

My specialty? Introducing you to a future version of yourself. I met, counseled, and coached countless women professionals who harnessed brilliance, but weren’t given the opportunities to show their true value and expertise as innovative thought leaders in business and industry. 

Serving high-achieving women just like you is at the core of everything I do and I’m on a mission to change that narrative. 

I’m known for bringing about “light-bulb’ moments and serving as a bridge that connects you with your current aspirations and future dreams. I’m results-driven by nature so I’m a bit obsessed with equipping you to make your vision a reality. 

After transitioning from corporate, I built a six-figure business speaking on international stages like TEDx, working with some of the largest brands in the world, like the Walt Disney Company, McDonald’s, Deloitte Consulting, the NBA, and the Federal Government.

Now, I want to share what I’ve learned with you so that you can make your next move with CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, and COMMUNITY. 

I look forward to working with you please consider me a trusted resource. 

who is this retreat for?

We work with: 

Executives, doctors, lawyers, CEO’s, politicians, community and faith leaders, corporate professionals, managers, directors, department heads, and all women leaders alike to:

  • Use your expertise to plan your next move on your terms, 
  • Secure high-level speaking and/or thought leadership engagements, 
  • Launch your personal thought leader brand,
  • Leverage your current experience, without starting over, as a respected thought leader,

…all without the overwhelm.


We understand: 

To hold a position that others envy, while still feeling as if something was missing – as if your voice needed to make a greater impact, can be a frustrating position that leaves you feeling stuck.

It’s a feeling that I as well as the hundreds of women that I’ve worked have felt intimately – but there is an answer. 


You may be short on time, but never on vision:

That’s exactly why we curated an intimate experience for women leaders to receive the:

We are masters of strategy. We partner with high-caliber clients, serving as trusted confidantes, guiding you step-by-step through your journey of ‘becoming.’

Our goal is to help you gain crystal-clear clarity on your vision and transform all those ideas swirling in your mind into a strategic plan.

It's time for you to show up as the visionary
you know you are called to be. 

your voice & brilliance deserve a world stage

You're ready to craft a legacy and to:

You are a high-achieving black woman or woman of color professional who is ready to advance in your career as a leader in corporate and business, and position yourself as a sought-after expert and thought-leader.

You are ready to gain clarity on how to take your career and personal brand to the next level to align with your purpose, maximize your income, and influence and share your story, expertise, and message beyond the four walls of your organization.

You are busy and despite achievements in your life and career, it's hard to make time for your personal goals, leaving you feeling like something is missing and you are ready for change .

You have countless ideas floating through your head but you don't know which one would be viable to grow your career and your brand

You are a person of faith and conviction and know deep down that you are meant to do "more" but you don't know how to focus your many gifts or where to start.

You are tired of seeing people with less experience and expertise receive promotions and business opportunities while you remain "best-kept secret."

You are tired of feeling alone and as if you are a public success but a private failure.

You know that your current role won't last forever and there is a strong potential that you will outgrow your work - you're ready to proactively build your own economy to prepare.

You are not consistently charging four, five or six figures for your speaking or thought-leadership.

TO effectively launch as an in-demand THOUGHT LEADER -

you need:

Struggling alone is costly. Knowing the right steps to take to launch and scale your platform is what allows you to accelerate your impact and income. Our team streamlines this process through our trademark 4-part methodology, guiding you through the steps needed to launch high-earning platforms. 

Building connections with industry experts is crucial when transitioning from a corporate career to paid speaking and thought leadership. Recognizing this, our upcoming retreat for executive women directly brings industry experts to you. Meet with leaders in publishing, speaking, coaching, consulting, board leadership, publishing and more.


Building the right community of likeminded executive women is crucial for a smooth transition from corporate to paid speaking and thought leadership.  Through curated discussions and collaborative activities, the retreat fosters genuine relationships, providing a supportive network that understands and encourages their journey. This one-of-a-kind environment ensures that participants not only build a professional network but also find a community of peers who share their experiences and aspirations.

at our retreat, YOU WILL RECEIVE:

retreat weekend

Let’s be honest… You are a superhero. As professionals, parents, business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, executives, and everything in between, you spend your day devoted to helping to better the lives of those around you.

As you reflect, at the end of the day, you realize that something is missing — that you haven’t given any time to developing yourself or pursuing your closest held dreams and visions.

You’ve finally reached the point in your career where you’re tired of feeling stuck and overlooked for all that you bring to the table.


This restorative retreat weekend is what is needed to truly make the time to invest to intentionally make your dreams a reality. 

Join us for an immersive weekend at a luxury estate where you will finally have the time and space to take the mask off and commit to your personal learning and growth as an in-demand thought leader.

We are gathering in this home environment to partner with you as you make meaningful connections with your peers, corporate buyers, and fellow thought leaders.

We will meet you where you are, whether you are just starting or scaling. 

You’ll learn be guided by our team through our 4-part strategic methodology that positions you for premium opportunities (thats five, six and seven figure opportunities), as well have access to an elite network, build connection and receive the visual brand collateral needed to fuel your growth, all in one weekend.

All meals are covered and you’ll even get access to special bonuses during our stay together.


During the retreat we will walk you through the process and strategy needed to: 

  • Identify your brand mission and values

  • Use your story to share your expertise

  • Attract clients who are ready to purchase from you

  • Turn your idea into income (Business planning)

  • Find synergy between your career and business

  • Use your expertise to build wealth and legacy

  • Turn your message into visibility and business. 

You will create your strategy to launch and scale through Thought Leadership by partnering with major companies as a speaker, plus you will craft your thought leadership portfolio (your imprint) by learning from leaders in: 

  • Speaking and Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Publishing
  • Board Positions
  • Podcasting
  • Philanthropy/ Non-Profit
  • University Professor/ Adjunct Professor/ Program Advisory

launch & scale playbook

Every good strategy needs a playbook. That’s why we’ve broken down the steps in our 4-part strategic methodology to position you for premium opportunities (thats five, six and seven figure opportunities). We are masters at strategy and specialize in accelerated results for our thought leaders – but we are only able to get these results because we’ve taken time to lay out all of the pieces of the puzzle. Now, we are extending that to you. 

Together we will guide you to Plan Position, Package and Pitch yourself as an in-demand speaker and thought leader. 

  • PLAN: Create your Transition, Launch and Scale Strategy, Vision Clarity, and Accountability Structure
  • POSITION: Connecting with your target audience (who do you impact and how to reach them) and strategic growth on LinkedIn
  • PACKAGE: High-End Pricing and Corporate Partnership Strategy with your new premium service offerings 
  • PITCH: Six-Figure Thought Leader Sales Strategy


six figure Signature Keynote & Revenue strategy

Developing your signature keynote platform is the most critical door opener when launching your brand as a thought leaders, and your revenue strategy is what opens you

We will guide you on how to use the 4 part methodology to land opportunities with corporate companies as well as be featured on stages like TEDx, podcasts, trade conferences, universities and in media. 

We will equip you with official materials, pitch scripts, guides, income roadmaps, and checklists templates to build your comprehensive transition strategy playbook with implementation guidance and deadlines.

Craft your platform with industry Experts

While this retreat offers a special emphasis on our paid speaker and consulting methodology to securing major contracts with companies, we understand thought leadership is not a monolith.

That is why we are creating an environment where you can engage in intimate fireside chats with industry leaders in traditional book publishing, board leadership, podcasting, professorship, and more to craft the legacy portfolio you desire for your next step. 

mastermind think tank

We know that you’ve been the strong friend helping everyone else figure out their plan of action – well, now it’s your turn. Introducing a groundbreaking initiative: our secure and nurturing think tank exclusively for our women. Within this protected space, participants engage in collaborative masterminding sessions with leading experts, fostering shared wisdom and brilliance. It’s a networking hub where connections are forged, offering real-time feedback to refine strategic plans. This empowering platform aims to elevate the voices and visions of our elite community women, providing the support and resources needed for your success.

Pending Approval:
linkedIn Course Creation

Our retreat is working on an exciting development – the finalization of a strategic process that establishes a partnership with the larger LinkedIn course creator community. This collaboration aims to showcase the expertise of our retreat participants on a broader platform, offering them a unique opportunity to share insights through curated LinkedIn courses. This initiative not only enhances their visibility but also contributes to the broader landscape of professional development, reinforcing our commitment to amplifying the voices of our executive women in the realm of thought leadership.

6 months of Accountability & elite community

Meet your new best friends in business and career. With our small group format, you’ll become fast friends and close confidantes with like-minded women ready to reach their next level. Gain access to six months of business strategy advisory, including monthly strategy group calls and exclusive guest expert interviews. This privilege is extended solely to participants in the Executive Women’s Retreat.

Visual Branding And Social Proof

Exclusive to VIP participants, you have the ability to engage in a full for a branding session tailored for the busy, but committed professional. After working with hundreds of high-achieving women, I’ve found that one of the major roadblocks to that stop you from shifting to your next level appears in the form of visual branding. 

All community paticpants in the elite experience will have access to make-up artists, photographers and videographers to get all of your essential visual branding assets in one day with like minded women to help you share and expand your online social credibility. 


On-Site curated podcast

Exclusive to VIP participants, we are organizing an on-site photoshoot for podcast features and interviews. These will be included in a digital newsletter released to our corporate buyers and client community. This feature serves as a powerful kickstart and will be publicly available for sharing on your social profiles and within your community.

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