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Hello, I'm christina

An award-winning business and leadership strategist and TEDx speaker, I am known for empowering and steering emerging leaders toward higher impact, increased visibility and recognition, and greater career satisfaction. Armed with the superpowers of keen problem-solving abilities, laser focus, and stellar communication skills, I have served as the go-to consultant for high-profile clients and their audiences such as the NBA, The Walt Disney Company, and the U.S. Department of Defense.

Whether she’s working with individuals or organizations, Christina’s innate ability to turn scattered thoughts and ideas into a clear, achievable vision and strategic solution shine through in every client she advises.

Among her many accomplishments, Christina is most proud of leading her clients to success (on their terms) to realize increased impact, career alignment,  and launch and grow platforms as successful business and thought leaders. 

When it comes to showing women and professionals of color how to pivot and advance in the workplace, no one does it better than Christina Joy Whittaker, founder and CEO of Pivot Brand Group and the KNOWN Live conference series.

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We firmly believe that the most powerful organizations are intentional in their development of diverse talent. We partner with you to cultivate a space and platform, leveraging clear, aligned, and impactful messaging that highlights your core values attract, and retain, and engages top talent.

In this given climate where each employee’s personal experience is a reflection of the organization, it is imperative that your company’s brand promise matches the actual experience of your employees. 

We are committed to helping organizations build and empower women and professionals of color to advance in the workplace.

how we can help

Our services and products will support your business growth by educating staff and managers, equipping and developing target groups and cultivating awareness and sensitivity in your company culture. 


"I’d seen her success personally and with other client"

I have a business structure and plan, ideas for varied funding sources. Within 1 month of consulting with Christina, I was able to intentionally apply for grants using mission and vision wording.

Scale your business

As a partner with Pivot Brand Group, we help you meet the unique needs of a diverse workforce

We partner with leading companies and organizations to reach and engage your hardest to reach groups. We are working to equip and empower diverse talent with targeted leadership development curriculum and content to own their professional development. Our current core curriculum topics include personal branding, emotional intelligence, resilience, leadership and communication in the workplace. 

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Whether you are an individual looking to enhance your professional career experience or an organization looking for a trusted & experienced thought leader to support your team, Christina Joy Whittaker is here to help you with that growth. Get started by clicking below to see the signature offers.



Strategically engage with it and create a results-driven strategy that allows you to increase your income and impact.

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Topics tailored for Women, Black Professionals and Professionals of Color, Executives and high-achieving organizations.



The premier leadership development conference for black women and women of color professionals.



Workshops to help small to large organizations build brand equity through thought-leadership.